My dad opened up his flight school in 1996. He leased the end cap of a hangar and put in windows, ceiling, walls etc...this school is our family's pride and joy. If there is one thing my dad loves besides his family, it is to teach people how to fly.

Here is a bit from my dad:

"My name is Jimmy Carter, and no not the former president... I have been a pilot for over 20 years and have a passion for teaching people how to fly. I opened up my own flight school in 1996 after many years of flight instructing at other schools. My flight school is my love and teaching you to fly is my mission. I hold a Gold Seal CFII and I am FAA safety counselor. I have taught students from as young as 9 to the age of 84. In 1994, I accompanied my daughter, Rachel Carter, on her world record setting flight, becoming the youngest female pilot to fly coast to coast. She still holds this record today."

I think what makes my dad's school so different is the passion he has behind teaching people how to fly. We are all about the heart and passion in flying.

I hear a lot of stories of people going through numerous flight instructors, who at no fault of their own, are building up flight time to move on in their career. But it seems to take away the importance of that relationship between the instructor and student. It is an accomplishment for both individuals and frankly, memories that will last throughout your life.

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